Waterfall Foam, Application Guns & Silicone Adhesives for Ponds & Waterfeatures


Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or professional water feature contractor, Aquascape has all the pieces and parts you need for successful installation or repair.  Installation tools, spare parts, and accessories are available individually or as part of a kit.  Installation tools and adhesives include the following fish safe products:

Foam Gun Applicator:  Available either in an Economy or Professional Grade models.  Both are to be used with the Professional Waterfall Foam

Professional Foam Gun Kit: kit includes 3 cans of the Professional Waterfall Foam, a Professional Gun Applicator and a can of Foam Gun Cleaner.  It all comes in a handy hard plastic case.

Waterfall Foam: comes in a Professional 24 oz can which requires a Foam Gun for use, or in an aerosol type can for smaller projects or the DIY builder. 

Professional Foam Gun Cleaner: a handy cleaner to flush the foam gun clean if its not working properly and also removes uncured foam.

Black Silicone Sealant: used for sealing joints where liner attaches to BioFalls lip and skimmer face plates.  4.7 oz tube.

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