Turnseal 1" Insert  x 3/4" FIPT Line Tee

Turnseal 1" Insert x 3/4" FIPT Line Tee


The Turnseal line tee (combination tee) adds a sprinkler, riser or other accessory in mid-line while joining to the next pipe.  The 1" insert x 3/4" FIPT line tee allows you to connect two 1" pipes while providing a 3/4" female thread in line.

Turnseal Fitting Features & Benefits

  • no tools required (push-turn-seal), very user friendly
  • replaces primer, glue and clamps with one fitting
  • saves time and money
  • reusable - change your pipe and re-use the fittings
  • unique design for pipes 75 to 160 psi
  • never rusts or corrodes
  • no toxic sealants used
  • recycled materials used in production

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