Stacked Slate Wall Fountains - Curved


The Aquascape Curved Stacked Slate Walls make it easy to add a unique, customized fountain to any location. Simply choose a curved wall base (large or small), add a curved stacked slate wall topper (not included) to create a water feature that is sure to impress. Water pumped through three separate water outlets at the top of the wall before spilling over the textured feature. The impressive natural-looking finish looks and ages like real stone, and the durable, lightweight fiberglass-resin composite construction is built to last. Multiple units can be stacked and combined for endless design configurations.

The Curved Stacked Slate Wall is available in 2 sizes - large (26" tall) and Small (13" tall), with 3 Topper configurations to choose from (Front-Spill, Rear-Spill and Quad-Spill).  A Fountain Kit is also available that includes a Large Spillway Wall, a Front-Spill Topper and all other items you need to complete your Fountain.

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