Simple Solutions - Water Treatment for Fountains


Maintain your water feature easily by tackling water quality and clarity issues with this line of easy-to-use water treatments and products.  Choose between the Automatic Dosing System or manual pump-top bottles to dispense our specially-formulated water treatments.

Prevent for Fountains - keeps waterfalls clean and clear, controlling white-scale buildup, foam, stains, and unsightly water conditions without damaging surfaces.  The formulation contains a special blend of clarifiers, designed to prevent debris buildup. Use on a daily basis to keep waterfalls and fountains clean and clear.  **Prevent for fountains is not intended for use in water features containing fish or plants

Clean for Fountains - effectively cleans and clarifies waterfalls and fountains with pooling water, plants or fish, significantly reducing maintenance and improving water quality.  The formulation contains a flocculant and powerful phosphate binder to help clear and prevent unsightly suspended debris.  ** Clean for Fountains is safe for use with fish and plants


** Not all sizes of all treatments are kept in stock but can be special ordered (1 to 4 weeks delivery time)

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