Simple Solutions - Water Treatements for Ponds


Maintain your water feature easily by tackling water quality and clarity issues with this line of easy-to-use water treatments and products.  Choose between the Automatic Dosing System or manual pump-top bottles to dispense our specially-formulated water treatments.

Maintain for Ponds - reduces maintenance and promotes optimum water quality by combining out most effective water treatments into one powerful application.  The formulation includes a beneficial bacteria blend, phosphate binder, flocculant, and detoxifier, resulting in a healthy, crystal-clear, maintenance-free pond.  Use on a daily basis to keep ponds clean, clear, and healthy.

Clear for Ponds - uses a concentrated formulation of clarifies to effectively resolve existing water quality problems, including cloudy or discolored water, and issues with debris attached to rocks and gravel.  The formulation also contains a phosphate binder which works to prevent issues with water clarity and debris buildup.  Use to clear unsightly water conditions, including cloudy and discolored water.

Clean for Ponds - uses a powerful blend of heterotrophic bacteria to digest organic waste or sludge caused by uneaten fish food, fish waste, and leaves or debris, naturally cleaning the rocks and gravel.  Reducing organic waste keeps ponds and pond filters clean while optimizing water clarity and quality.  Use to naturally reduce organic sludge and debris.

Protect for Ponds - uses an all-natural formulation of tea tree oil and other plant-based biopolymers to effectively protect pond fish, reduce fish stress prevent parasites and infections, and accelerate healing of superficial wounds, scrapes, and breeding abrasions.  Protect is great for use after handling fish or performing clean-outs and water changes.  Use to reduce fish stress, prevent parasites and infections, and accelerate healing.

** Not all sizes of all treatments are kept in stock but can be special ordered (1 to 4 weeks delivery time)



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