Coolfit Shade Sails

$103.50 $429.99
Nesling Coolfit Shade Sails are a trendy and functional addition to your yard and offer various shadow solutions with their variety of shapes and sizes.  Shade Sails are designed to create the Perfect Shadow but they are also appreciated as a decorative accent and for their added style.  All the Nesling Shade Sails are easy to install by yourself by following the supplied instruction manual, and can be installed quickly to your house or between poles.
Coolfit features:
  • Made of HTPE knotted material
  • Offers 90-95% protection against UV exposure (UVA & UVB) - TNO tested
  • Semi permanent usage (April - September)
  • Wind- and rain proof 
  • Easy to  install
  • Easy to clean, mold resistant
  • Remains totally unaffected by moisture
  • 5 years guarantee against UV degradation

Shade Sails are idea for numerous applications including pergolas, roof decks, terraces, balconys, patios, playgrounds, swimming pools, carports, animal shelters, campsites and more.

Due to the variety of ways to mount the Shade Sails the mounting hardware is not included with the Sails.  We recommend using only Nesling brand hardware to mount your Shade Sails.

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