RainBird ESP-SMTi Smart Modular Control System (Indoors)


4 Station Base Unit for Indoor use, can be expanded to 13 stations using the hot-swappable 3 or 6 station expansion modules (sold separately). 

  • typically provides water savings of 20% to 50% over traditional time-based controllers
  • each zone's soil moisture balance is maintained at the optimum level using the proved Maximum Allowed Depletion (MAD) Irrigation scheduling method
  • the ESP-SMT saves water by making real time irrigation schooled adjustments based on a daily reference Evapotranspiration (ET) value that is determined by the weather parameters collected by the on-site weather sensor
  • separate grow-in period allows the user to set up an initial time-based program to establish the plant material for a pre-set number of days.  Once this time period expires, the zone will automatically revert to weather-based scheduling
  • Rain Suspend is activated when the tipping rain bucket has measured the user-set rain threshold, preventing irrigation from occurring during a rain event
  • tipping bucket rain sensor measure the amount of rainfall and the timing of the rain to account for usable rainfall, thereby preventing over-watering
  • includes controller and weather sensor

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