Pump Start Relay (Mini Coil 3HP @220V)

Pump Start Relay (Mini Coil 3HP @220V)


For irrigation systems that require the use of a pump for the water supply.

The K-Rain model KR1520 is 3 HP @220V Mini Coil.  The pump Start Relay enclosure is constructed with a corrosion resistant, UV resistant, shockproof material.  The ran-tight, secure, rustproof enclosure provides a safe & secure connection in a housing built to last

Features & Benefits

  • 2 Year Trade Warranty- Factory support up to two years after purchase.
  • Standard, Rain tight, Secure, Rustproof Enclosure- Provides a safe and secure connection in an enclosure that will last a lifetime.
  • U.L. Rated Relay- Ensures that the relays are approved for its intended use.
  • Large Easy Access Enclosure- Provides easy accessibility during wiring.
  • Enclosure has 3 Recessed Knock-Outs- Provides for easy connections.

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