K-Rain Pro EX 2.0 Modular Irrigation Controller


The Pro ES 2.0 Modular Irrigation Controller can be easily expanded from 4 to 16 stations.  The largest backlit display on the market, user-friendly programming and responsive touch pad takes the Pro EX 2.0 to a whole new level for irrigation controllers.

The new optional remote capability expands irrigation control right into your hand

Features & Benefits:

  • station run times - 1 second to 6 hours for all stations
  • 3 programs, 4 automatic start times per program
  • program watering schedules - custom, interval (1-31 days), odd days, even days
  • hot swappable 4 station modules - allows simple controller upgrades from 4 to 16 stations while controller is in operation
  • large backlit LCD screen
  • AM/PM or 24 hour clock settings
  • full program screen display of watering days, number of start times, number of stations and special programming
  • flexible operation - manual or remote operation
  • system test allows a full system check for valve operation
  • manual start allows manual program operation at the push of a button
  • non-volatile memory saves program during power outages
  • wireless module connector allows for optional installation of wireless communication
  • diagnostic circuit breaker identifies and isolates stations with valve or wiring problems while allowing remaining program to continue
  • locate feature aids in locating buried valves in field
  • rain sensor ready
  • sensor bypass switch provides global override of active sensor for all stations
  • dedicated sensor terminals allows direct sensor installation for maximum watering control
  • conserves water by allowing quick and easy global adjustment of watering times from 10 to 200%

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