Diamond Blades

$14.27 $80.60

OX Diamond Blades are manufactured with World Leading Technology

  • only the finest quality of diamond is used, and the diamonds are placed in a regular pattern using advanced auto-array technology which allows the diamonds to be placed exactly where they will give the optimum performance, over traditional random diamond grit segments
  • Reduced cutting times from the ultra fast auto blade means less time to do the work, offering massive savings on cost per cut
  • Blade cores are made of the highest quality steel, precision engineered, ground and hardened


  • Abrasive and general purpose blade with 3/8" (10 mm) segment
  • Applications - general and abrasive building products, concrete pavers, concrete roof tiles, hard asphalt, abrasive blocks
  • Available in 7", 10" & 14"


  • Durable "cuts it all" general purpose & concrete products blade with 5/8" (15mm) segment & cooling holes
  • Applications - concrete curbs & slabs, concrete pavers, roof tiles, bricks, general building materials
  • Available in 14"

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