Polymeric Sand (Jointing Sand)


Polymeric Sand (Jointing Sand) is a unique mixture of fine sands combined with other additives (polymers), that, when mixed with water, form a surprisingly strong binding agent that locks the sand particles together. It is particularly useful for filling the joints between pavers, including concrete pavers, brick pavers, and stone pavers. The binders lock the sand particles together, which helps secure the pavers into a uniform, durable surface.

Techniseal HP NextGel Jointing Sand is a state-of-the-art mix of graded sand and binder tht flows smoothly down joints for a fast and effective installation of pavers or slabs with false, narrow or wide joints.  It is also recommended for surfaces exposed to heavy traffic, and for high-humidity areas.  Easy to use, NextGel Jointing (Polymeric) Sand starts to set only a few minutes after being activated with water, and quickly becomes resistant to water erosion (rain, splashes, sprinklers, etc).  NextGel Jointing Sand offers great resistance to weed growth, insect invasion and erosion.  HP NextGel is used for joints from 1/16" up to 4" wide, with a minimum joint depth of 1.5".  

Techniseal HP NextGel Jointing sand has been manufactured with a revolutionary technology called NextGel.  NextGel radically transforms and improves the properties and behaviour of jointing sand, resulting in the first ever true "no dust", "no haze" and "no waste" jointing sand for a fast, clean, durable and profitable installation.

Techniseal SmartSand Polymeric Sand is a mix of graded sand an binder that provides a stable joint between interlocking concrete pavers exposed to normal traffic.  Applied dry, it hardens after being activated with water.  It allows joints to resist erosion, weeds and insects.  Manufactured with the NextGel technology, SmartSand is quick to activate, sets rapidly and leaves no undesirable haze on pavers.

SmartSand is used for joints from 1/6" to 1" wide, with a minimum joint depth of 1.5".  It is recommended for use with Belgard's Mirage Line of Porcelain Pavers and with our Oakville Natural Stone Pavers. 

HP NextGel and SmartSand are available in 50 lb bags in 3 colors - Granite, Tan and Urban Grey.   Depending on the shape and size of pavers, as well as the width of joints, a 50 lb bag covers from 25 to 40 sq ft for wide joints and 60 to 100 sq ft for narrow joints.



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