Pergola Kit Brackets

$58.49 $136.99

Build your own Pergola with the Nesling Pergola Kit Brackets!!

Nesling offers a variety of hardware to make your own wooden pergola frame.  The Kits include brackets and mounting hardware along with a construction plan and lumber list to build your wooden pergola frame.  All Nesling Pergola Brackets will work with 4x4 up to 6x6 beams and posts - the brackets will be offset on anything larger then a 4x4 but they remain structurally stable.  

Corner Support - with the corner brackets it is easy to make a nice connection between the beams and posts.  Nothing can be seen of the corner brackets from outside of the pergola.  Packages include 2 brackets, 16 scres, 12 bolts, 12 caps and 12 rings. 

Wall Support - the wall brackets are used to easily make a connection between beams and a wall.  Packages include 2 brackets, 8 bolts, 8 caps, 8 rings and 4 plugs.

Connection Support - the connection/extension supports are used to connect wooden posts in a simple but sturdy way.  Packages include 2 brackets, 16 screws, 12 bolts, 12 caps and 12 rings.

Floor Support - floor brackets provide an easy way to anchor  your pergola to a wooden deck, concrete patio, roof terrace or other hard surface when you are not able to anchor to the ground.  Packages include 2 brackets, 16 bolts, 16 caps and 16 rings.

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