Holidynamics  Hexagonal Snowflake - Colour Changing LED

Holidynamics Hexagonal Snowflake - Colour Changing LED


Holidynamic's lighted LED Color Changing Snowflake for indoor & outdoor holiday decorating. Add a little something special to your classic Holiday decor with this LED Color Changing Snowflake

  • Change between modes or colors with the click of a button using the provided controller
  • Commercial-grade lights on a steel frame, durable outside
  • Intensely bright LED lights use less electricity than incandescent and have very clear, crisp color
  • Product can display : Dark Blue, Teal and Pure White individually or cycle through
  • Set to Color Changing Mode or keep it set at the solid color of your choice
  • Using a timer? No Problem. Our built in memory function activates the last color selection used


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