Holidynamics LED C9 Bulbs - Transparent / Faceted

The C9 LED faceted transparent Christmas light bulb give off a soft but vibrant color. LED bulbs are 10 times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and will last much longer than a standard incandescent bulb
  • C9 faceted Christmas light bulb
  • 5 LED diodes in a 3" high bulb, constructed with durable acrylic plastic
  • Magnifer and water sealer helps protect the LED diodes
  • LED bulbs save energy and last longer
  • Long lasting LED bulb life- 60,000 rated hours
  • Easy upgrade from incandescent C9 bulbs will fit perfectly in C9 socket cord
  • Connect up to 350' feet continuously
  • Minleon bulb-UL approved indoor and outdoor use
  • available in blue, red, green, pure white, sun warm white and multi

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