K-Rain PRO 150 VALVE


K-Rain's ProSeries 150 Valves offer the irrigation professional a wide array of features and benefits.  The 1 1/2" and 2" models feature a removable inlet cap to easily modify the configuration from globe to angle style.  They also have a removable metering pin and external bleed screw promoting easy maintenance and manual operation.

Features & Benefits:

  • heavy duty, corrosion and UV resistant PVC construction increases the life of the valve
  • external bleed screw with removable metering pin to allow for easy cleaning of the pin without disassembling the valve
  • removable inlet cap to allow for conversion from globe to angle valve
  • captured plunger allows for the solenoid to be removed without losing the internal plunger
  • heavy duty Santoprene Diaphram - unique design improves the durability of the diaphragm
  • five year limited warranty

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