Infill Products for Artificial Turf


Infill refers to the products that are placed in between the fibers of artificial turf or putting greens. The purpose of infill is to help the grass blades stand up, or return back to their intended upright position after they have been exposed to pressure, as well as to help cool the turf and in some cases, help to reduce pet odors. For putting greens the amount of infill used will affect the speed of the putting green - the more infill, the faster the green.

PureZEO Pro - Bella Turf's top selling infill that is recommended for ANY installation.  PureZeo Pro is 100% Zeolite which is a natural organic infill that is completely safe for both the environment and your furry friends and family.  The Zeolite minerals in PureZeo Pro will absorb any ammonia in pet urine while preventing foul odors, and it also captures and holds moisture, releasing it slowly which aids in keeping the artificial grass cooler on hot summer days.  PureZeo Pro is green which makes it an almost invisible infill for your turf.  Available in 44 lb bags - covers 25 to 30 sq ft

Silica Sand - landscape silica sand (20/40) makes a great all purpose artificial grass infill when aesthetics are the only concern.  It will weigh the grass down and keep the blades standing up right.  The finer putting green silica sand (50/100) is used in putting greens to help control the speed of the ball roll - the more infill, the faster the roll.  Available in 50 lb bags - covers 25 to 30 sq ft


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