Hydro-Rain HRC 100 C Series Indoor/Outdoor Controllers


This series of straightforward, user-friendly sprinkler controllers combine simplicity of operation with feature-rich flexibility.  The HRC 100 C is enclosed in an indoor/outdoor UL approved case capable of 4, 6, 9 or 12 watering stations.  Each model offers three independent programs - A, B and C - with up to four start times per program.  The HRC 100 C's water budgeting feature allows you to set watering durations from 10 to 200% of the programmed time, in 10% increments.  There is even a station advance button that lets you skip to the next station while watering.  Plus, you will appreciate the simplicity of the large, easy-to-read LCD display, as well as the big buttons and dial - the perfect enhancements for easy user operation.

Features & Benefits:

  • fast to program - large dial & oversized LCD display make programming quick & easy
  • fast to install - factory-installed plug-and-go power cord means no in-field transformer wiring is required
  • hinged panel door - allows for quick & easy access to valve wiring
  • water budgeting - match seasonal watering requirements by increasing or decreasing the durations of the stations in any of the two programs from 10-200% of base schedule
  • 24V out rain sensor terminal makes installation of wireless rain sensor receiver quick and convenient
  • three programs (A, B & C)) offer multi-use and flexible watering schedules by days of the week, even or odd days, or at intervals of 1 to 32 days
  • 4 start times per program allows flexibility to manage schedules for variable plant requirements and soil types
  • 3V lithium battery backup - program saved in non-volatile memory
  • Three year unconditional parts warranty

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