Hydro-Rain Adjustable-Arc Nozzles

Hydro-Rain Adjustable-Arc Nozzles


With Hydro-Rains adjustable-arc nozzles, you can simplify your work without sacrificing quality or functionality.  Each nozzle is adjustable from 0 to 360 degrees and are color coded to indicate their particular spray radius.  Adjusting the arc is fast, precise and easy on the hands thanks to the easy-to-grip, coin-edge design on the top of the nozzle.

Features & Benefits:

  • lower precipitation rate - matched precipitation, combined with outstanding distribution uniformity and lower precipitation rate then the competition
  • patented three-piece design provides best-in-class right and left arc edges, optimizing distribution uniformity
  • large blue mesh filter reduces maintenance and ensures precipitation rate remains at optimal levels longer
  • full arc adjustment - 0 to 360 degree matched precipitation
  • color coded arc edge indicator eliminates all guesswork by indicating left and right arc edges with water on or off
  • stainless steel slotted screw provides precise radius adjustment
  • fits Hydro-Rain, K-Rain, RainBird and Hunter spray heads

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