Garden & Pond Lighting Accessories


Aquascape offers various accessories to use with their LED Lighting Products including extension cords and splitters - all which integrate with other 12-volt quick connect components

Garden & Pond Photocell with Digital Timer - can be used to control Aquascape white and color changing lights.  The photocell can be set for auto on at dusk/off at dawn, or 4, 6 or 8 hour timer options.  The photocell has a built-in memory in case of power loss and has up to 60-Watt capacity.

Garden & Pond Extension Cables - Aquascape lighting extension cables allow for simple extension of Aquascape white LED lighting.  They are ideal for use with the 12-volt quick-connect transformers and 3-way and 6-way splitters.  The 12V quick connect components eliminate the need to cut wires and provide a weatherproof seal. Extension cables are available with a single quick connect outlet or a 5-outlet model. **Not compatible with Aquascape color changing lights

Garden & Pond Splitters - Aquascape splitters provide a simple connection of 3 or 6 light fixtures to a single transformer.  Multiple 3-way and 6-way splitters can be chained together to attache additional fixtures.  **Not compatible with Aquascape color changing lights

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