Flags, Poles & Cups for Putting Greens


Bella Turf offers everything you need to complete your artificial grass installation including flags, poles/pins and cups for your putting green.   

6" Aluminum Golf Cups - these golf cups have been specifically manufactured to withstand the extreme Canadian temperatures.  They are built for durability and have been designed with  minimum taper to ensure a snug fit.  They ahve been tried and tested on over 1000 Bella Turf Golf Greens with exceptional results.  Each golf cup comes in a brilliant white colour that is guaranteed to stand out once installed.  These cups are the perfect addition to your putting green and are sure to make your friends and neighbors jealous!!

Flag Pole & Nylon FlagBella Turf's Golf Flags and Pins make every putting green stand out.  The pins are built with the same durability and quality that all of Bella Turf's products are renowned for.  Each pin will easily fit into the cup and with a grooved base design, the flag is guaranteed to stand straight up.  Bell Turf offers four flag options that are easily attached to the pins.  You can easily spruce up your backyard golf green with a bright yellow flag, keep contrast with a brilliant white flag, or get the best of both worlds with a checkered flag (white/black or yellow/green).  Every flag is constructed with the highest quality materials to help it withstand the extreme highs and lows of our Canadian weather.

Golf Flag Set - this set includes a flag, pole and cup.  Flags are available in a variety of colors - yellow, white, red, black/white checkered or green/yellow checkered

Please specify flag color when ordering (default color is white)

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