Filter Media Rolls & Mats


Aquascape Filter Media Rolls & Rigid Filter Mats are designed to fit a wide variety of pond skimmers and filters.  They can be cut to size easily using a sharp knife or a pair of scissors.

There are 3 types of Filter Media available by the roll and 3 types of Rigid Filter Mats (low density, medium density and high density).

Coarse Filter Media Roll  provides efficient mechanical and biological filtration, reducing maintenance and improving water quality. The bulk roll provides the ability to cut the material precisely to the shape and size of any pond filter, useful in a wide variety of applications. The roll measures 10' long and 56" wide. The coarse media is the most popular media used in skimmers and biological filters, and is available in 1 1/2" and 2" thickness

Dense Filter Media Roll - This product is high density allowing for very fine mechanical filtration. This product should be used after the water passes through a medium density media, otherwise frequent cleaning will be required.  The roll measures 10' long and 56" wide and is 1" thick.

Rigid Filter Mat - provides efficient mechanical and biological filtration for your pond. The filter mats measure 24" by 39" and can be easily cut to your desired size and shape using a serrated knife. This allows for installation in a wide variety of skimmer boxes and filters. Aquascape Mats are 1.5" thick and extremely easy to maintain, only needing to be cleaned periodically. For best results, we recommend combining different densities to maximize mechanical and biological filtration.  These filter Mats are available in Low, Medium and High Density.


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