K-Rain Battery Powered Bluetooth Controller

K-Rain Battery Powered Bluetooth Controller


No more crawling around the valve box trying to program or troubleshoot a battery powered timer – The BL-KR timer puts full programming control in the palm of your hand.  With 100% waterproof and rugged construction, the BL-KR is ideal for isolated sites and power-restricted areas, and allows for programming with a few taps on a smartphone or tablet through direct Bluetooth communication up to 32 feet away from the valve box.   Add multiple controllers (up to 200 timers) and program easily and quickly from 1 free application.

Features & Benefits

  • available in 2, 4 or 6 stations
  • connection for optional rain/freeze sensor
  • works with 9V latching solenoids
  • free K-Rain App available on Google Play or iTunes
  • works with Android (V4.3 or higher) and iPhones (iOS 7 or higher)
  • indoor or outdoor installation
  • waterproof and fully submersible - ruggedly designed for installation in outdoor valve boxes
  • ideal for isolated/remote valve boxes where running power is not an option
  • non-volatile memory will save programming in case of battery failure


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