Belgard ZenWall (Each)


Adopting the principal of a minimalist aesthetic, ZenWall infuses your outdoor space with linear dimension through simplicity and clean design. Its two-sided finish coupled with a monochromatic colour palette makes ZenWall suitable for both free standing and retaining wall applications in residential and commercial environments alike.

ZenWall stones have a modern design profile for virtually limitless treatments - you can design straight or curuved walls, pillars and other structures,  and the interlocking channel makes for easy and secure installation.  The 2 sided finish gives a finished look from any vantage point.

The ZenWall Standard bricks, Corners and Tapered Caps are all available in Charcoal and Grey, and can be installed using one color or a mixture of both to give a spectacular 2-toned look to walls, pillars and other structures.  The Standard bricks have various face profiles which lend to a random pattern when installed without having to follow any complicated patterns.

ZenWall Standard - 13" x 8.85" x 3" with a tapered back (10.8")

ZenWall Corner - 14.75" x 8.6" x 3" 

ZenWall Tapered Cap - 13" x 10.25" x 3" 

Some of our Belgard products & colors may be special order items & are sold only in full pallet quantities

 Please call 306-757-2227 or email to check availability & to place an order




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