Belgard Mirage Porcelain Pavers & Unico Step/Coping


The Belgard Porcelain Paver Line offers several styles to create fabulous contemporary outdoor living spaces.  Outdoor porcelain pavers are similar to indoor porcelain tiles, only thicker and more durable.  They are frost-resistant, skid-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean.  Combines with incredibly high breakage loads (up to 2,000 lbs), porcelain pavers are the perfect solution for gardens, terraces and high traffic outdoor areas.  Our porcelain pavers also offer the flexibility to be dry laid onto grass, gravel, dirt and sand -- or onto terraces and roofs using raised supports -- without grout, adhesives or specialized workers, making porcelain pavers incredibly easy to install.

Our outdoor porcelain pavers are available in various interpretations of stone and wood and in multiple sizes, including planks and large modular shapes, to create exquisite outdoor spaces that mirror the latest up-to-date style trends. With a Belgard Porcelain Paver Outdoor Living Area, the Joneses will need to keep up with you.

The hottest new trend is to create outdoor spaces that flow seamlessly with your indoor spaces.  Belgard Porcelain Pavers are the ideal product to create that indoors-to-outdoors flow.  Our porcelain pavers will co-ordinate with interior tiles and indoor/outdoor porcelain wall veneers to create a cohesive design.  We also offer a line of trim for steps and pool coping.

For ultimate contemporary curb appeal, our outdoor porcelain pavers can be used for driveways with a concrete base.  Sound concrete patios and driveways can be completely transformed by overlaying them with Belgard porcelain pavers and at significantly less cost then demolishing and removing the concrete.

ARDESIE - Stone FinishArdesie captures the elegance of natural stone in a contemporary way. The end result is a slate-like look with the durability of porcelain. Expect the wide range of color variation that is inherent in natural slate.  Available in 3 colors (African Stone, Black Reef, Vulcan) and in a 24" x 24" Paver and the Unico Coping.

NA. ME. - Stone Finish - Na.Me is the synthesis of the words “natural” and “time”. With Mediterranean and Nordic influences, each unique slab offers interpretations of the natural veins and subtle imperfections of various natural stones. The Na.Me line of porcelain pavers is natural-looking, stylish and elegant.  It is available in 2 colors (Gris Beige, Lumnezia) and in the 24" x 24" pavers.

NOON - Wood FinishNoon is a contemporary expression of the simple life. The collection combines the warmth of natural wood with the elegance of glossy wood, incorporating all the extraordinary technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware: timeless and fearless.  Available in 3 colors (Daylight, Ember, Honey) and in 8" x 48" plank style pavers.  Also available by special order only is a 24" x 24" and a 24" x 48" paver (please call for pricing information and availability)

PLEASE NOTE: For vehicular applications, must be a mortar install over a concrete slab.

STONES 2.0 - Stone FinishStones 2.0 offers the supple texture of groundface stone ideal for creating stylish contemporary outdoor living spaces.  Available in 3 colors (Chambrod, Pierre Bleue, Pierre Bleue Sablee) and in a 24" x 24" Paver and Unico Coping.  Also available by special order only is a 36" x 36" and a 24" x 48" paver.

Unico Step & Coping - This versatile porcelain unit is processed on both sides to give you maximum flexibility and design freedom.  Unico can be used as a step and as a coping for swimming pools.  With a rounded, bull-nose edge or straight edge, this uniquely functional border piece looks great from every angel.  Two installation needs - a single solution!!  Available in the Ardesie and Stones 2.0 color selections in a 13" x 24" slab with one rounded edge and a straight edge.

NOTE - Mirage Procelain Pavers are priced by the square foot, Unico Coping is priced per piece

Spacers - spacers are recommended for all porcelain paver installations.  They are sold in boxes of 100.

The Belgard Mirage Porcelain products are not a regular stocking item - please call for availability and time for delivery.  


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