Belgard Bordeaux Brick Oven

Belgard Bordeaux Brick Oven


The Bordeaux Series features a timeless stack stone design using the Lamina Stone product which has a multi-length rustic, stacked stone aesthetic appeal with Cordova Stone arch and accent pieces.  The Bordeaux Brick oven can be enjoyed on its own or used to complement the other pieces in the Bordeaux series

Features and Specifications:

  • stainless steel oven dome
  • rear ash dispenser tray
  • large 5 square foot cooking area
  • heats up in less then 20 minutes
  • comes with pizza peel cooking utensil
  • wood storage box below oven
  • pre-built modular brick oven installs in less then 1 hour with existing patio build-out
  • 2 piece unit has two-way fork slot configuration for easy placement
  • pallet weight - 6215 pounds
  • 42.5" deep x 53.25" wide x 92" tall

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