Belgard Elements - Bordeaux Series


The Bordeaux Series is prefabricated and shipped in sections, allowing the components to be quickly installed to create a custom outdoor stacked stone look in mere hours, compared to the weeks it would take to construct on site. By the end of the day, you’ll be roasting marshmallows in your stacked stone outdoor fireplace and grilling succulent steaks on your built-in grill.

The Bordeaux Series features a timeless stack stone design using the Lamina Stone product which has a multi-length rustic, stacked stone aesthetic appeal with Cordova Stone arch and accent pieces allowing the fireplace, the grill island or the brick oven to become the foal point of your outdoor space.  Available in Sienna or Sienna with Midnight Black Trim

Bordeaux Brick Oven - offers a stainless steel dome design with Lamina Stone body & Cordova Stone Accents.  

Features and Specifications:

  • stainless steel oven dome
  • rear ash dispenser tray
  • large 5 square foot cooking area
  • heats up in less then 20 minutes
  • comes with pizza peel cooking utensil
  • wood storage box below oven
  • pre-built modular brick oven installs in less then 1 hour with existing patio build-out
  • 2 piece unit has two-way fork slot configuration for easy placement
  • pallet weight - 6215 pounds
  • 42.5" deep x 53.25" wide x 92" tall

Bordeaux Fireplace - pre-built, modular fireplace packaged as two units that install in less then an hour (with existing pad installed).  Each unit has a 2-way fork slot configuration for easy transportation and assembly

Features & Specifications

  • 8.3' tall x 4.2' wide x 2.5' deep
  • approximate weight - 4360 lbs (1982 kg)
  • wood burning
  • fire box comes standard with stainless steel double wall flue pipe, concealed spark screen and log rack

Bordeaux Grill Island - Cordova Stone manufactured lime stone accent pieces used for cap, hearth, arch and mantle

Features & Specifications

  • each piece has a two-way fork slot configuration for easy transportation
  • includes grill and double doors
  • liquid propane
  • 3.4' tall x 5.9' wide x 2.5' deep
  • weight - 3834 lbs (1743 kg)

Bordeaux Wood Boxes - the Bordeaux Series wood boxes make a great complement to your Bordeaux Fireplace and are sold as a pair.

  • each wood box is 25.25"deep x 39" wide x 37" high
  • pallet weight 3070 pounds

Bordeaux Linear Gas Fire Place - the newest addition to the Bordeaux Series, the linear fire place is sure to make a beautiful addition to your yard or patio areas.  This piece is available in the Sienna Colour with Buff Trim or in the Sienna with Black Trim


Belgard Elements are special order items and take approximately 7 to 10 business days to arrive.  Please contact us for availability and shipping information.

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