Barkman Rosetta Dimensional Wall & Coping


With consistent size and an organic aesthetic, Dimensional Walls complement most any landscaping style.  Paired with brick or perched beside cedar, Dimensional Wall is a great option to add some height to your hardscapes.  The hand-hewn stone textures made with wetcast concrete are perfect for a traditional garden wall or contemporary outdoor kitchen.  Dimensional Wall stones are available as either a Straight) or a Wedge Block, and may also be used as an edger.

Dimensional Wall Coping features a chiseled, natural stone texture that still boasts a formal appearance that is perfect for any wall application.  The wall coping is sold by pallet layer which consists of 3 - 12.5"x24" pieces, 2 - 12.5" x 18" pieces and 1 - 12.5" x 19" end cap piece.

Dimensional Wall & Coping are available in Copper Canyon & Pacific Grey.  Other colors may be available by special order only.