Barkman Keystone Compac Hewnstone Wall


Keystone Compac Hewnstone combines style, performance and cost-saving versatility into one wall system. It's favored by architects, engineers and contractors worldwide for its function in both small and large-scale projects. Using the proven Keystone pin connection system, Keystone Compac Hewnstone3 is the perfect solution for gravity walls up to 8 feet in height, and large-scale projects over 60 feet high.  Corner and Coping (Capping) units are also available.

Keystone Compac Hewnstone provides maximum versatility and performance due to a design that results in decreased unit weight while maintaining structural integrity, allows for various positive connections with reinforcement to build engineered walls over 60 feet high, and provides increased vertical drainage though face units.  Keystone installation is easier due to a block shape that allows for tight radius curves and vertical core alignment, a shorter tail design that allows for easier handling in the field, and a triangular shaped pin receiving hole to allow for installer-friendly construction adjustments.