Aquatic Plant Care


Aquatic Plants are an important part of a pond or water garden.  They provide beauty and naturalization with a huge array of plant choices.  More importantly, they help to balance the pond's ecosystem and provide valuable biological filtration that removes nitrogen, ammonia, nitrates, and other minerals form the pond water.  These excess nutrients are often the cause of unsightly water conditions.  The end result helps to minimize pod maintenance, leaving more time to enjoy your pond.  Without aquatic plants, you pond would not be able to function as a complete ecosystem.

Aquascape Aquatic Planters are ideal for all pond plants.  Made from fine, porous material, the planters allow water in while preventing the soil from entering your pond.  The flexibility of Aquatic Planters makes it simple to place plants between rocks and other form-fitting areas.  Aquatic Planters blend into their surroundings and will not break or crack like traditional plastic planters.  The planters are available as a '2-pack' in a variety of sizes.

Pond Plant Potting Media - is an all natural, non-toxic alluvial planting media that is fine grained and perfect for supporting the growth of aquatic plants.  This premium potting media contains no peat moss or compost and is safe for fish.


** Note - not all product sizes are kept in stock but they can be special ordered (1 to 4 week delivery)


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