AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit & Accessories


Add a small pond and water garden to any outdoor or indoor location with the Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit.  The complete kit includes everything you need, simply add your favorite plants or small fish, and watch them grow!  

The AquaGarden Mini Pond kit is a durable, injection-molded container that is lightweight and built to last.  It includes a filter and grow media which keep the water clean and provide an ideal environment for plant growth.  The kit includes decorative grave for the upper waterfall to weigh down and hide the grow media, and also decorative gravel for the lower pond as well.  The pond is available in either a Charcoal Grey or Mocha Brown

To complement your AquaGarden Mini Pond there is a powder coated iron AquaGarden Stand and a AquaGarden Plant Light - both are sold seperately


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