Ultra Pump Fountain Head Kit


If you already own, or are just purchasing, an Ultra Pump and want to add a new dimension to your pond with the addition of a fountain, Aquascape makes it simple with the addition of the Ultra Pump Fountain Head Kit.  Available in 2 sizes to fit any of the Ultra Pump series from the 400 up to the 2000 gph Ultra Pump

  • Small - Ideal for use with Aquascape Ultra 400, 550, and 800
  • Large -  ideal for sue with Aquascape Ultra 1100, 1500 and 2000
  • Includes three fountain head options - Waterbell, Foaming Jet, and Daisty Fountain along with an integrated diverter valve to adjust the fountain head height, as well as to allow for the diversion of water to an external filter or waterfall
  • Maximizes water movement
  • Increases oxygen levels

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