Waterfall Spillway


The Waterfall Spillway is a cost-effective solution to help create the starting point of a beautiful waterfall and stream

  • creates smooth, consistent, leak-free water flow
  • internal barriers dam the incoming flow of water, providing a smooth flowing waterfall
  • handles flow rates up to 7,500 GPH (28,000 LPH)
  • durable design makes it easy to disguise by allowing soil, rocks or logs to be placed on top of the unit
  • comes complete with a 2" PVC slip fitting, 1.5" barbed hose fitting and pre-installed bulkhead

The Waterfall Spillway is a versatile tool that can be used in a wide variety of water feature applications.  Your imagination is the only limitation to what you can create with the Waterfall Spilllway

  • an ideal solution for starting waterfalls on Pondless Waterfall systems, where due to the absence of fish, more expensive biological filters are not necessary
  • an excellent choice for designing additional waterfalls and streams onto new or existing ponds that already have a biological filter
  • can be built in behind hardscape walls to provide a more formal waterfall design
  • multiple Waterfall Spillways can be sued to design larger, more creative waterfall configurations

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