Pond Aeration Kits & Accessories



Every process that occurs in the pond is dependent on oxygen.  This is especially important at night when plants are not converting sunlight into oxygen.  Dissolved oxygen levels are also generally lower in warmer water temperatures.  Pond aerators oxygenate your pond, helping all biological processes and creating a more stable environment and resulting in healthier fish and plants.  Aeration is also very important during cold winter months, as aeration helps to keep a small hole open in the surface of the pond to aid in degassing. 

2-Outlet & 4-Outlet Pond Aeration Kits - the air pump has a strong outer housing to protect them from becoming damaged, and as well the wide, flat base makes it more stable and easier to place.  A thick, rubber gasket and integrated rubber feet minimize noise and vibration while maximizing stability.  The 2-Outlet and 4-Outlet kits include everything you need including winter resistant airline, preassembled check valves and weighted air stones.  Replacement Aeration Discs are available for purchase as well.

Pro Air 20 & Pro Air 60 Kits - these kits feature an outdoor rated compressor with heavy-duty metal housing which stands up to the elements.  It has integrated rubber feet to minimize noise and vibration, and the diffusers have a weighted ballast to keep them at the bottom of the pond, as well as self cleaning rubber membranes which expand to clear clogging debris.  Pond Air 20 kits include a specially designed, maintenance-free 10" aeration diffuser and freeze resistant 3/8" braided tubing with preinstalled check valves.  The Pro Air 60 kits also include a second aeration diffuser and tubing, along with a 2-way compressor manifold which allows you to install the 2 sperate airlines and adjust the flow to each as needed.

Pro Air 20 & Pro Air 60 Aeration Compressors - the Pro Air 20 is the ideal compressor for aerating ponds & water features up to 5,000 gallons. The unit can be combined with aeration tubing and a diffuser to supply dissolved oxygen directly to the pond water.  The 15-watt compressor has a heavy-duty metal housing, integrated rubber feet to minimize vibration, and a pre-installed 3/8" outlet fitting.  It is ideal for ponds up to 6.5' deep, has a maximum flow rate of .71 CFM (20 liters/minute) and a maximum air depth of 2.90 psi (0.20 kgf/cm2).  The Pro Air 60 can be used to aerate ponds and water features up to 15,000 gallons.  The 45-watt Pro Air 60 also features the heavy-duty metal housing, integrated rubber feet and the 3/8" outlet fitting.  It is ideal for ponds with a maximum depth of 11.5',  a maximum air flow rate of 2.1 CFM (60 liters/min), and a maximum air depth of 5.08 psi (0.36 kgf/cm2).  Either of these compressors can be used during winter months to help maintain a small opening in the ice for oxygenation.

Other accessories/replacement parts are also available for the aeration units.  These include weighted tubing, diffusers, manifolds etc.

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