Cleanout Pump & Discharge Hose (50')


Make pond cleanouts and installation wash-downs quick and easy with the Aquascape Cleanout Pump.  The LSR Cleanout Pump combines several unique design features that make it an excellent pump for your pond and waterfall cleanouts. The fast 3,744 GPH (14,173 LPH) flow rate and the capability to pump down to 3/16″ (4.75 mm) make quick work of removing the water. A rubber pump casing protects the pump and the pond liner while the screened pump intake strainer keeps fish and frogs safe during the cleanout process.

The Aquascape Cleanout Pump Discharge Hose 50′ makes pond cleanouts and installation wash-downs quick and easy. This heavy-duty discharge hose is specially engineered to maximize flexibility and flow. The 50′ section of hose uses a swivel cuff fitting to prevent any kinking or tangling during use.  Includes 2″ FPT X 1.5″ MPT fitting for use with the LSR Cleanout Pump

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