RainXchange Downspout Filter


The Aquascape RainXchange Downspout Filter can be installed and buried out of sight at the base of the downspout to capture and remove a variety of pollutants and debris that may be flushed out in the system during a heavy rain. Incoming rainwater is passed through a series of mechanical filters that remove leaves, twigs, seeds, and small sediment that accumulate on the surface of the roof between rain events.

  • perforated lid and layer of gravel removes large debris, such as leaves and twigs
  • small particulates are captured in a 300 micron, easy to clean debris net
  • molded hose-tail stub fits 3" or 4" drain pipe
  • durable rotationally-molded unit withstands freeze/thaw conditions
  • small percolation holes at the bottom of the filter allow water remaining after a rain event to slowly percolate out of the downspout filter preventing stagnant mosquito harboring water from accumulating in the filter between rain events
  • 24.65" x 27.14" x 13.5"




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