K-Rain RPS 75 Rotor


The RPS 75 rotor by K-Rain is a direct replacement for Hunter PGP rotors.  The reversing mechanism, a K-Rain patented feature, ensures continuous reverse and return.

Features & Benefits

  • direct replacement for Hunter PGP - the RPS 75 riser fits into existing Hunter cans - simply unscrew the existing riser from the PGP and replace with the RPS 75 riser
  • easy top adjustments
  • provides a full range of adjustment from 40 to 360 degrees (true full circle operation)
  • non-flushing wiper seal reduces leaks caused by debris trapped under seal
  • 3/4" bottom inlet, 4" riser height
  • ideal for low flow applications
  • rubber over seals out dirt and increases durability
  • wide range of nozzles
  • five year limited warranty

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