DIY Black Waterfall Foam


Aquascape DIY Black Waterfall Foam makes it easy to fill joints and gaps between rocks and boulders, maximizing water flow in streams and waterfalls. Because its design eliminates the need for a foam gun, the easy-to-use DIY can is the perfect choice for the beginner or do-it-yourselfer. For the experienced installer, Aquascape DIY Black Waterfall Foam can be convenient and economical for a quick touch-up on any project. Aquascape is passionate about the products they produce, providing unique products, designs, and features that stand above the competition.

  • No gun needed
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Maximizes water flow in stream or waterfall
  • Black polyurethane foam blends well into rocks and gravel
  • Great for small projects or quick touch ups

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