Belgard Porcelain Tile - Mirage Series


Mirage Porcelain Pavers are available in a variety of interpretations of stone, wood, and concrete textures. 

The true beauty of Mirage is that it’s virtually maintenance free and incredibly durable. It wards off all stains including red wine, acid, and oil. The color will never fade, and it never needs to be sealed. There is only minimal color variation from unit to unit, unlike with natural stone, which can vary greatly. And unlike natural stone, Mirage won’t discolor or allow moss or mold growth. Ten years from now, if you want to add a section, the color will match. If a paver should crack or chip, it can easily be removed with a special tool and replaced. Mirage can be cleaned using any type of cleaner and can withstand pressure-washing without deterioration of the finish. Mirage is also frost free and resistant to thermal shock caused by freeze and thaw cycles in colder climates.

The 24" x 24" tiles and the NOON Wood plank style tiles are priced per square foot

ASRDESIE - Stone Finish - captures the elegance of natural stone in a contemporary way.  The end result is a late-like look with the durability of porcelain.  Expect the wide range of colour variation that in inherent in natural slate.  Available in a 24" x 24" tile and the Unico 13" x 24" Units.

NA.ME - Stone Finish - Na.Me is the synthesis of the words "natural" and "time".  With Mediterranean and Nordic influences, each unique slab offers interpretations of the natural veins and subtle imperfections of various natural stones.  Available in a 24" x 24" tile.

NOON - Wood Finish - Noon is a contemporary expression of the simple life.  The collection combines the warmth of natural wood with the elegance of glassy wood, incorporating all the extraordinary technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware:  timeless and fearless.  Available in a 8" x 48" plank style tile. Priced by the Square Foot.

STONES 2.0 - Stone Finish - Stones 2.0 offers the supple texture of ground-face stone ideal for creating stylish contemporary outdoor living spaces.  Available in a 24" x 24" tile and the Unico 13" x 24" Units.

UNICO Steps/Coping - Unico is a versatile porcelain unit that is processed on both sides to give maximum flexibilty and design freedom.  With its rounded, bullnose edge, Unico can be sued as a step or stair tread, and as coping for swimming pools.  Available in a 13" x 24" size in the Ardesie and Stones 2.0 colours.  Sold per piece.


Some of our Belgard products & colors may be special order items & are sold only in full pallet quantities

 Please call 306-757-2227 or email to check availability & to place an order


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