Belgard Decking Solutions

Belgard Decking Solutions


Belgard's DEK BLOCK simplifies building a deck or any raised foundation without needing to dig post holes or mixing messy concrete.  The blocks will accommodate a 4x4 post or a 2" stringer.  Dek Blocks are 12" x 12" x 8" and weigh approximately 50 lbs each.


The DECK PAD can be used in conjunction with the DECK BLOCK to act as a base to set the DEK BLOCKS on or to raise the blocks up in 4" increments. The centre hole allows for a 4x4 post to be set in for stability.  Deck Pads are 12" x 12" x4" and weigh approximately 40 lbs each.  Also available are FOUNDATION PADS in 2 sizes - 18" x 18" x 3" (77.5 lbs) and 18" x18" x 6" (155 lbs)


Also available from Belgard is the DECK BLOCK ADJUSTER (DECK SAVER) makes levelling a deck easy - the steel insert fits the DEK BLOCK and adjusts to the desired height.


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