Shade Sail Mounting Hardware


Nesling's high quality To install your Coolfit or Dreamsail shade canopy perfectly you should only use the high quality fastening materials of Nesling. Depending on the situation you want to hang the canopy you can make a choice from the available hardware materials.

Post Anchor - used to install the Nesling Post with Flex Eye.  The anchor is mounted in the ground (recommend fast setting concrete to secure) and then the post can be put in or taken out as needed.  The anchor is made of galvanized metal.

Post with Flex Eye - Nesling's Post with Flex Eye provides the ability to create your attachment point at your required level.  The pole is made of galvanized steel and is powder coated in antracite (grey). The flexible eye can be placed at your desired level by loosening the screw and sliding up and down.  This allows you to lower shade to whatever level you wish so that you can adjust when the sun changes through the day

Rail with Eyebolt - Nesling's 1 Meter Rail with Eyebolt is an adjustable attachment for Shade Sails that allows you to adjust the height of a corner to various heights depending on your preference.  The rails can be easily operated with one hand to a lower or raise the position of Shade Sail. Very solid - does not rust. Can be fixed to posts or walls.

Turnbuckle with 2 HooksNesling Stainless Steel Turnbuckles with Hooks are perfect to attach and stretch your Shade Sail.  Available in 8 mm (M8) or 10 mm  (M10) thickness.

Snap Hook - 8mm x 80 mm stainless steel snap hook for mounting shade sales

Anchor with Eyebolt - 8 mm (M8) Stainless steel anchor with eyebolt for fastening to concrete or stone

Eyebolt with Nut - heavy duty stainless steel eyebolt with nuts for mounting to a wooden pole

Link Chain - 4 mm thick 2 meter long link chain used to connect your shade sail to another fixing point or bracket

Pad Eye - heavy duty stainless steel bracket to attach corner ring of a shade sail to a wall

Stainless Steel Screws - 4 x 40 mm stainless steel screws, 20 per package


Harmonica Shades and Rollerblinds include all necessary mounting hardware.



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