Automatic Dosing System Water Treatments for Fountains


Formulated for water features that don't contain fish and that may or may not be filtered.  Aquascape Fountain Water Treatments help to maintain the original beauty of self-contained AquaBasin fountains, Pondless Waterfalls or traditional stand-alone fountains and bird baths.

Self-contained water features often evaporate quickly and need to be topped off, leaving a large concentration of minerals that will leave unsightly deposits on the surface of the fountain and will damage pumps over time.  Aquascape Fountain Water Treatments prevent scale before it happens without the use of acids that may damage the surface of the fountain

  • Prevent for Fountains - prevents stains, scale and unsightly water conditions, safe for bird and animals that may drink from the feautre
  • Clean for Fountains - cleans surface debris, will not damage the surface of the feature, safe for birds and animals

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