Belgard FlagStack Wall System

Belgard FlagStack Wall System


Flagstack® is an authentic looking, versatile and easy to use landscape wall system that offers the appearance and character of a natural drystacked wall at a fraction of the cost of traditional flagstone wall.

  • Perfect for seat and garden walls, pillars, planters, tree-rings, fire pits, grill islands and BBQ's
  • Integrates true-life flagstone textures on both the front and back of the units to ensure an authentic appearance
  • Lightweight blocks for ease of use
  • No pins or clips allow for effortless installation for the professional landscaper or the Do-It-Yourselfer
  • The uniquely engineered S shape design interlocks to create a 3D Shear Matrix (front to back, side to side & vertically) for added strength, stability and longevity
  • Ideal for garden and seat walls up to 2ft (0.61m) in height, or higher retaining walls, when incorporating geogrid.

View the brochure here.  Find the Installation Guide Here.

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