Putting Green Kits


Transform your yard into your own golf paradise in just a few easy steps with a professionally cut, pre-made golf green.  A backyard putting green that can be installed over the course of a weekend, followed up by many weekends of fun and enjoyment.  All putting green kits include the putting green, flag sets (cups, pins & flags), spikes, seam tape and glue. The kits are available in 2 sizes - the 10x13 which is a kidney bean shape, and the 13x20 kit which comes in either a kidney bean or  hourglass shape. 


Putting Green Kits include: Country Club Putting Green Turf, Spring Pro Artificial Turf (pre-cut for fringe if included), Seaming Tape & Glue, spikes and cups, pins and flags (3 for the 10x13 kits, 4 for the 13x20 kits)

The infill (silica sand or Pure Zeo) that is needed is sold separately, and the quantity needed will depend on the size of the green and whether or not you are installing the fringe.  We recommend 1.5 to 2 lbs of infill per square foot of turf.

Before you install your putting green, you need to properly prepare the base.  Quantities of gravel required are listed for both sizes below, these products can be found at your local landscape centre or rock quarry.

  • Required Gravel / Base Requirements – 10×13 kit:
  • 1 yard 3/4 clear crush
  • 2 1/2 yards 3/4 road base
  • 1/4 yard crusher fines
  • Required Gravel / Base Requirements– 13×20 kit:
  • 2 yards 3/4 clear crush
  • 4 yards 3/4 road base
  • 1/2 yard crusher fine

Putting Green Kits are ordered when purchased and will arrive in 5 to 10 working days.  If ordering a 13x20 kit please specify shape.  If you need to have your kit shipped to you we will quote on the cost as these products are oversized and heavy.

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